The Technology

While cold plasma has been known for over a century, many of its properties have been the subject of interest only over the past fifteen years. Atmospheric cold plasmas are inherently unstable and require control circuitry that only became practical recently with the advent of high frequency high voltage switching power supplies based on compound semiconductors. These developments in the methods of generating and controlling cold plasma give rise to the opportunities for commercialization.


The distinctive feature of cold plasma/ROX that the Company primarily is exploiting is the extreme effectiveness in killing bacteria, fungi, and other microbial forms without harming more complex life forms and without the use of toxic chemicals. Such a use of plasma charges and short-lived ROX in interaction with living matter is a very recent development. At relatively low doses of ROX exposure, bacteria and fungi are killed, but the tissue of animal or plant cells are not damaged. This selectivity is related to the fact that the ROX do not penetrate through cellular membranes. While more complex life forms have developed enzymes to deal with the oxidative stress, the microbial targets have no such protection and perish. An additional highly beneficial aspect of cold plasma generated ROX is that it breaks down rapidly, depending on the specific agent used, and leaves no toxic residue.





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